To: Mr. John Kerry, US State Secretary AN OPEN LETTER


Dear Mr. Kerry! August 4, 2016 I am Bokhodir Choriyev, leader of the “Birdamlik” People’s Democratic Movement, have been living in the USA with my family since February 10th, 2005, when I was granted political asylum by the US government. After I arrived in the USA, I tried to continue my political activities and am […]

Bokhodir Choriyev’s address to the voters


  Esteemed compatriots! Dear friends! Let me wish you all the best for the spring holiday of Navruz! Spring and Renewal is what our people have been waiting for several long decades. Uzbekistan has been subjected to the occupation by dictator Karimov and his cronies for 25 years. This quarter-century reign has driven the country […]