Hillary Clinton violates the rights of opposition in Uzbekistan


This year, Hillary Clinton is elected to the US presidency. The main contenders for the post of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Many people want to vote. Why her candidacy is not profitable Uzbekistan people and other immigrants from Central Asia?

In 2011, Hillary Clinton visited Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, as Secretary of State. Despite the fact that the leaders of those countries are explicit violators of democratic rules and violate the rights of citizens of their countries. It entered into negotiations with Karimov, Rakhmon. She has personal benefits from the cooperation with these leaders.

After her visit to Central Asia began infringement of the residents of the region of Central Asia, who now live in the United States, in particular, political refugees in Uzbekistan.

Bahodir Choriev, leader of the People’s Democratic Movement Birdamlik and Uzbek opposition has difficulty in doing business, though living in the United States. Already two of his business shut down and do not give a new start. All this is happening because of the collusion of State Hillary Clinton and leader of Uzbekistan Karimov. As she closed the business directions and complicated life, even in the United States.

If she becomes president of the United States, the Uzbek opposition is not able to carry out their activities, even outside of Uzbekistan, in the United States. Bahodir Choriev claims that Hillary Clinton is corrupted women and violates the rights of opposition in Uzbekistan.

Donald Trump, who is also a candidate for the US presidency, also said that Hillary Clinton corruption policies and behave dishonestly.

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