President Hillary Clinton – the trouble for America

Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for the US presidency is quite questionable. Now she and Donald Trump are the two leaders of the post of President of the United States.
Hillary Clinton takes to be a very proper woman and wants to become president. But it is also corrupt, seeking benefits for yourself and is in collusion with authoritarian leaders in Central Asia. It maintains close relations with the Uzbek leader Karimov. He helps her to fund charities and political campaigns. The very same Hillary blind eye to the violations of human rights and code of Uzbekistan.
For these reasons, Hillary Clinton’s candidacy is not appropriate.
If she becomes president of the United States Uzbek diaspora in the United States will not be able to live well.She will not give the Uzbek opposition normally go about their business.
Moreover, taxes will rise, prices will rise, it will further cooperate with the Uzbek totalitarian president Karimovym.Eto means that Uzbekistan opposition will not be able to live in peace in such circumstances.
Bahodir Choriev, the Uzbek opposition leader, and the People’s Democratic Movement Birdamlik, states that the only way out is GOLOVAN the election of Donald Trump.

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