Dear compatriots! Dear our party members!

The year of 2018 is passing into the history now. In a few minutes, we will meet the year 2019 on our Earth.

If we summarise the events that had happened during the passing year, the Uzbekistani people witnessed very interested events and stories. We should admit that for our compatriots the ending year has been a little harder than the previous years. Like in the previous years, the Uzbek people lived this year in dreams and sweetest hopes that the economic situation would improve, the political situation would get clearer and more transparent, our life would be conquered by prosperity, a social, moral-educational, domestic problems would at least be partially resolved.

During this year, the government adopted and implemented some laws that are more concerning and hazardous from one the other, the price climbed to its peak and it is still rising.

This passing year has not been either for the oppositional People’s Democratic Movement Birdamlik of Uzbekistan. Current government of Uzbekistan dealt with the Birdamlik PDM seriously, used different methods to prevent out Movement from running its activities freely, taking its position in the political arena.

In 2018, Birdamlik activists and members faced strong pressure and persecution. Notwithstanding such difficulties and injustice, we did not give up the initiative of transforming the Birdamlik PDM to a Party as we intended it. No pressure and persecution that was used against us did not deviate us from our political activities and we are sure it won’t happen in future either.

Notwithstanding the facts that the political environment of the country is very difficult, that the government is absolutely intolerant to opposition, the Birdamlik PDM dared and organised to hold its Second Congress in Shymkent town of the neighbouring Republic of Kazakhstan. Although the governments of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan put serious obstacles for the Congress to be held, Birdamlik managed to achieve its purposes. The fact that the government of Uzbekistan regards our Movement brought us victory, we have won! On 15-16 of November 2018, the oppositional PDM Birdamlik became a Party. The Second Congress was a success. The Congress approved and adopted the Charter and Program of the newly founded Party, discussed its plans. Therefore, we can say that the year 2018 was a successful year the Birdamlik political organisation. In addition, we think that the growing number of people who have volunteered to join our party in 2018 can be taken as our achievement.

Dear compatriots! Dear our party members!

We hope coming 2019 will bring greater achievements to the PDP Birdamlik. To implement our good wishes, we will require solidarity of all and every member in our fight. I wish that our solidarity around Birdamlik will get stronger in our way to make Uzbekistan a really democratic state, which lives with supremacy of law, and which economically and politically strong. I wish you my dears tolerance, endurance, persistance and brevity.

May 2019 bring pleasure and joy, victory and success, happiness and luck to everybody’s family! Good health, and long life to all of you. May our motherland be in peace, our houses in prosperity!

Happy New year!

Bakhodir Khan Turkiston,

Leader and founder of Birdamlik PDP

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