Party “Birdamlik” asks for an explanation from the President of Kazakhstan

Bakhodir Khan Turkiston at Birdamlik Congress in 2014 in the USA; photo: from C-1

Bakhodir Khan Turkiston, leader of Birdamlik Party of Uzbekistan has asked the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbaev to explain the reasons of disruption of the congress of his organisation in RK and deportation of his associates.

The People’s Democratic Party Birdamlik of Uzbekistan, reorganised from the Movement of the same name in November 2018, intends to get explanations of at least one country, that participated in disruption of the meeting of Birdamlik people in Shymkent – Kazakhstan.

Recently, the leader of the party Bakhodir Khan Turkiston (formerly – Bokhodir Choriyev) sent a letter to the president of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbaev, where he detailed the course of events of the 15 of November when the law enforcement bodies of the country did not allow holding the Birdamlik Congress in Shymkent.

With their joint efforts, Kazakhstan Border authorities, migration services, and National Security Committee (NSC) of RK blocked arrival of the members of Birdamlik to Shymkent, and detained those, who managed to get to the Dostyk Hotel, booked for holding the Congress, and deported to Uzbekistan.

Bakhodir Khan Turkiston himself, who is a citizen of the USA and can enter the territory of Kazakhstan without a visa for 30 days, was not allowed entry to Kazakhstan either. But Turkiston was deported and the Border officials of RK made a respective note in his passport.

In its turn, Uzbekistan undertook all measures for none of 60 declared attendants of the Congress could leave the country. Many of them were blamed of wild accusations.

For instance, well know human rights activist Elena Urlaeva received a notification to visit the Bureau of Forced Execution at the Prosecutor General of RUz that she owed 2000 US dollars to the Central Bank of the country, and on these grounds, she was prohibited to leave Uzbekistan. Immediately after the Congress date, the requirement to settle the “mystical debt” with the bank simply vanished – and the human rights activist flew to Sweden.

Holding the Congress in Shymkent, located in 120 kilometres from Tashkent was a forced measure for Birdamlik. Leader of the organisation, which is now a party could not get a visa for entry to Uzbekistan therefore he decided to hold the Congress in the neighbouring country, closest to Uzbekistan.

Turkiston says that he could not even assume that Kazakhstan would be interested in their meeting, but obviously, Astana was asked to help from Tashkent. Kazakhstan “demonstraed zeal”: on 14 of November, local television in Chimkent immediately informed its viewers about deportation of “members of organised criminal group,” while in reality these were three members of the Birdamlik Party and one guest to the Congress.

Turkiston reminded the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, that he is the guarantor of legality and respect for human rights in his country, and asked to look into the incident and give appropriate explanations.

Партия «Бирдамлик» просит объяснений от президента Казахстана

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