(or pre-Congress pressure on Nafosat Olloshukurova, who is an activist to Birdamlik PDM)

Various pressure and threats against many activists were intensified on the eve of the congress of Birdamlik, which was scheduled for 15-16 of November. In particular, management of the Urgench College of Olympic Reserve where Nafosat Olloshukurova works, also organised various “scenes” against her, a native of Khorezm region. The activist says that they arranged a student and gave him money and take video of Nafosat Olloshukurova by teasing her, but their performances did not work as they had expected. Nafosat Olloshukurova reported to the Department of Internal Affairs by calling telephone number 02 to undertake measures to those students who were banging at her classroom door and throwing stones on her window.

In a few days’ time, our activist Nafosat Olloshukurova started her way to visit the Birdamlik PDP congress. When she was on her way, some people called her on a secret number and told her not to go to the Congress and go back home thinking about peace of her children instead. But our activist is used to such threats and did not go back home. On the next day, some strangers in doctors’ uniforms came to the house, where Nafosat is permanently registered and announced that they came to vaccinate children against flu. N. Olloshukurova’s father said that they lived in Urgench and at that moment his daughter was away, and her grandmother was looking after Nafosat’s children and he telephoned N. Olloshukurova’s mother using a false doctor’s phone. When in Urgench, N. Olloshukurova’s mother did not allow to vaccinate the children, the false doctors went away. Nafosat herself was returned home after she was refused crossing the border to Kazakhstan by border border officials. Nafosat Olloshukorova had to participate at the online Congress session from her hotel room in Tashkent.

Once back at home, the first thing she did was to visit the Family Polyclinic and asked the Chief Surgeon about vaccination. The Chief Surgeon told her that vaccination was prohibited and flu vaccination was not free of charge and it could be done at the person’s wish voluntarily. Then, our activist addressed the prosecutor’s office. The investigations yielded that the doctor, who came for vaccination turned out to be an investigator of DIA. But, the prosecutor’s office has not yet given an answer to N. Olloshukurova’s application.

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