In anticipation of USA November Presidential elections, an open action in support of Donald Trump, whose candidacy has been nominated by the Republican Party, was arranged today in Washington, DC, in front of the Department of State building. This measure was headed by Bahodir Choriev, the leader of the National Democratic Movement “Birdamlik”, patriot of his nation. Together with a number of opposition members of Uzbekistan, some ordinary Americans, who support Donald Trump, also took part in this measure, organized by the well-known opposition leader from Uzbekistan.

We asked the same questions to a number of opposition representatives and political analysts. Below are the answers of a member of the National Democratic Movement “Birdamlik”, a well-known politician Dilorom ISOQOVA for your attention.
— What is your position on the initiative held by the leader of the National Democratic Movement “Birdamlik” Bahodir Choriev in support of the politician and businessman Donald Trump, who has been nominated by the Republican Party at the coming presidential elections?

Diloram opa

— Democracy is a system that allows anyone to openly express their thoughts and hold different actions. Of course, such actions should not violate the regulations of the law. The initiative held by Bahodir Choriev does not violate the laws of the USA; therefore, he has the full right to demonstrate his position. According to Bahodir Hasan only, though Obama administration calls themselves democrats, they have been refusing to notice the antidemocratic acts of the regime in Uzbekistan. This thought is also applied to Hillary Clinton. Of course, this has some sense. I have been watching the US-Uzbekistan relations, and I see that the better the relations get, the more the approach to the opposition is moving to the negative side. Especially, the indifference to the activities of political parties and movements and the thought that the political opposition does not exist at all have become a usual situation. Though we have been telling about this grief situation for many years, it continues to remain sad.
— What is your opinion of Bahodir Choriev’s activities to revive the Uzbek opposition to the surface, and his work in defending the opposition activists, human rights activists, and independent journalists?
— All the care that Bahodir is undertaking for Uzbek opposition deserves applause. He never refuses his assistance to anybody. His help within his possibilities also deserves admiration. For the past years, he has been paying serious attention to the activities of Uzbek opposition and fervently trying to improve its position. Bahodir is a successful businessman. For the money he earns, he could live a careless and free life. But instead of a peaceful and careless life, luxury houses and elite cars, and personal prosperity he chose the thorny way of reviving the Uzbek opposition. We will pray to God to help him in this!
— Which candidate, in your opinion, can contribute for the USA to become great again? D. Trump or H. Clinton? Do you support B.Choriev’s choice?
— I do not have the possibility of watching the pre-election debates all the time. But I am pleased with what I see. One can criticise the President. Nobody jails anybody for that. Citizens have the right to express their views in any field of life. One can criticise anything irrespective of whether it’s economic, internal or foreign policy. Nobody can be convicted of a criminal offense for this. For those like me, who are tired of false information and palaver for many years, it can be a theme for both admiration and envy. I can tell you openly that I don’t know who will make the USA great again. I am more interested to know which candidate is going to choose not only their interests but also the way of democracy, in addition, which candidate is going to support Uzbek democrats and opposition after he/she is elected President. But, only time will tell this. Time is the highest judge!
Interviewed by: Ruziboy Azim

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