The political situation in Uzbekistan


Now in Uzbekistan the unstable political situation. Start of the race for the presidency. The country is going through a time when everything can change to the other side.

After the death of Karimov rumors and disputes in Uzbekistan about who can become the next leader of the country. After this we will know on what development course the country will continue, and whether the totalitarian regime, which for many years now in Uzbekistan.

Early elections are scheduled for December 4, 2016. Then people will go to the polling site to choose a new lider. One of the contenders for the post is Shavkat Mirziyayev. Now the Parliament of the Republic of Uzbekistan appointed him to the post of interim president. Perhaps in the future it is he, and lead the country.

Also, do not ignore Gulnara Karimova, as one of the contenders for the presidency. Now, according to some sources, it is in a psychiatric hospital in Tashkent and even her son, Islam Karimov Jr. could not see his mother. Many believe that it may well be the next president of the country. She just democratic views and a lot of support from the fact that it went against the regime. But Gulnara will remain under house arrest until the end of next year.gulnara

During the reign of Karimov in Uzbekistan powerful repressive apparatus was created, providing protection regime. Service in the power structures was considered prestigious, and the second after Karimov powerful man reputed head of the National Security Service, Rustam Inoyatov.

Ongoing cleaning them secured by Uzbekistan as a radical Islamist, and from free-citizens. According to estimates of the non-governmental human rights organization, Memorial, in ten years (since 1998), more than 6 thousand. Uzbeks have been convicted for political reasons.

Now, in the absence of the permanent leader of the country is unlikely to lay a mass disorder, experts say. “Secular and revolutionary opposition strongly marginalized”, – says Rabbimov. According to him, after decades of purges and “disinfection” threat to society in Uzbekistan are not even the Islamists. In addition, billions of dollars, no major international players in the escalation is not interested neither the ruling elite, has accumulated during the reign of Karimov.

However, even if the protests flare up in Uzbekistan, they will be easily suppressed by armed forces, I’m sure Erica Marat, a Central Asia expert and associate professor of the College of International Security at the US National Defense University. “Uzbekistan has a branched power unit, represented in all parts of the country, as well as the most numerous among the army of the Central Asian region,” – argues its position expert.

Local people also do not see any reason for concern. “In a country formed a strong vertical state, that is the key to public tranquility,” – says Abdurahmonov.

In answering this question, political analysts often called two names: the current prime minister Mirziyaeva and his first deputy Asimov. While having the status of gray eminence of Uzbekistan Inoyatov 72-year-old is unlikely to qualify for the presidency. Instead, he can promote his protege – Mirziyaeva, experts say.

Several years ago, as a likely successor to Karimov saw his eldest daughter Gulnara – diplomat, pop singer and designer with a Western education. But after Karimov was in disgrace because of corruption scandals involving foreign telecom operators and public confrontation with Inoyatov, it disappeared from the political scene. With the tacit consent of her father was sent to house arrest. Serious family conflict confirmed the absence of the president Gulnara’s funeral.

Meanwhile, the Commission for the burial Karimov headed by Prime Mirziyaev. According Ancheski, it could be a continuation of the tradition of funerals of Soviet leaders, when the head of the funeral commission became the next head of state.

Supervising the post of prime minister and agriculture development Mirzijaev regions headed the government of Uzbekistan in 2003, and this in turn led to Jizzakh and Samarkand regions. It is believed that his candidacy is in the interest of the Karimov family, as well as the most acceptable to Moscow.

Anyway, after three months in Uzbekistan will vote for his successor, who will indicate the power elite.

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