Four candidates will run for the leadership of the new Birdamlik party

On the Birdamlik kurultai in Shymkent, on November 15-16, the election of the chairman of the newly formed party movement will take place, four candidates are running: two men and two women.


Bakhodir Khan Turkiston (right) with Mulkdor site editor in Kyrgyzstan Mirzoulugbek Karimov; photo by: Birdamlik

The People’s Democratic Movement of Uzbekistan Birdamlik are making final preparations before their Congress on 15-16 of November in Shymkent (southern Kazakshtan).

The leader of the movement, Bakhodir Khan Turkiston (formerly Bokhodir Choriyev. – Approx. C-1), a native of the Kashkadarya region of Uzbekistan, forced to accept US citizenship in political emigration, is already near Shymkent and says that his supporters began to arrive in the city.

According to him, 60 members in total of the Movement members from Uzbekistan are expected to attend the Congress, activists from Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan and media representatives have also been invited. The main Congress events are planned to take place in Dostyk Hotel of Shymkent.

Bakhodir Khan Turkiston (formerly – Bokhodir Choriyev) founded the Birdamlik Movement was founded in 2004

In answering the question on what exactly is expected to happen at the Congress, Bakhodir told us that the main event will take place on the 15 of November, and after approvals of the agenda, all members of the Movement will proceed with discussions of the programme and charter of the Birdamlik People’s Democratic Party, which the Movement is going to be reorganised to.

Then elections of the party chairman will take place, and at this moment four people are claiming: Bahodir Khan Turkiston, who is the founder of Birdamlik; Solijon Abdurahmanov, journalist and human rights activist, former political prisoner in Uzbekistan; Dilorom Iskhakova, activist and veteran of Uzbek opposition from Tashkent; Klara Juraeva, activist from Samarqand region, who joined human rights protection activities after arresting in 2007 and imprisonment of her brother Shokir, who worked as a guard at the Zeravshan National Park.

Bakhodir Khan Turkiston says that he understands: he has the greatest chances of being elected leader of the party, as he is the only sponsor of Birdamlik, he earns incoms for the movement as a truck driver in the US, but still, he said selectivity and competition should be created.

The leader of the Movement admits that he listens to the critical thoughts of certain activists in Uzbekistan like Abdujalil Boymatov, who says the not only presidents and government members do not give way to others, but opposition leaders are also unchangeable in Uzbekistan.

Баходыр Хан Туркестон с кыргызстанским активистом Иззатуллой Рахматуллаеввым; фото: "Бирдамлик"
Bakhodir Khan Turkistan with Kyrgyzistan activist Izzatulla Rakhmatullaev; photo by Birdamlik

Boymatov is right, – says Turkiston. – This is what happens with our Uzbek people… therefore I want our members see the possibilities for competition and that the post of the Birdamlik leader will not be fixed to some individual for his lifetime.”

It is also planned to elect the Council Board Party and the Central Committee of the Party during the first day of the Congress. This Council Board Party will consist of 5-7 people, and the Central Committee will have 21 people.

The Bardamlik People’s Democratic Party puts the economic prosperity of Uzbekistan and the fight against poverty and destitution as its top priority. The party will fight for secular Uzbekistan, in which political and civil liberties are guaranteed to all citizens.

According to Turkiston, the first day of the now Birdamlik Party will end with a posh banquet where singers and dancers from Uzbekistan will take part.

We want to create a festive atmosphere, an atmosphere of victory, which we will definitely achieve,” – stated Bakhodir Khan Turkiston.

В лидеры новой партии «Бирдамлик» будут баллотироваться четыре кандидата

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