Bakhodir Khan Turkiston is not an enemy of Uzbekistan, its running government, but their friend! He is a brave man, who, from the day he moved to opposition, since he founded Birdamlik Movement, he ...
15.01.2019 / Politics
Party “Birdamlik” asks for an explanation from the President of Kazakhstan
12.12.2018 / Interview, Politics
Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan disrupted Birdamlik’s Congress in Shymkent
Instead of the congress “Birdamlik” – in the nuthouse?
Is Uzbekistan government resuming crackdown on activists?
Four candidates will run for the leadership of the new Birdamlik party
Birdamlik Movement of Uzbekistan is getting preparations to its Congress in … Kazakhstan
Birdamlik Movement is making preparations for their Congress in Uzbekistan
A piece of advice to Birdamlik activist: “Continue living a simple life…”
Bokhodir Choriyev: “There is nothing to hope for for Uzbek dissidents …»
Uzbek opposition leader Bakhodir Choriev: Change without political reforms is useless
25.05.2017 / Politics, Statements
Mirziyayev is a continuer of Karimov’s policy
15.03.2017 / Politics
Where is Karimov’s daughter Gulnara Karimova?
22.09.2016 / Politics
Political Islam May be Disastrous to USA
06.09.2016 / Media, Politics
Obama’s government do not let Uzbek opposition democracy
02.08.2016 / Politics
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