Since 2018, I, Zafar Khandamov am a member of the Bidamlik People’s Democratic Movement, which was reorganised to a party on 15 of November. Until now, I have been helping the Birdamlik PDP activities within my capabilities. The fact that the management of the Party and its Management Council take into account my proposals and thoughts, support some of my ideas, and that I have my own position in the Party give joy in my activities in the party.

I made serious preparations and gave useful proposals and ideas for the future of the party to the Second Congress of the Birdamlik PDP, which was scheduled for holding in Shymkent town of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Alas, unfortunately, we did not have any opportunity to hold the Second Congress of the Birdamlik PDP together with is leader and founder Bakhodir Khan Turkiston siting face to face in one circle. This was because of actions of the government of Uzbekistan against principles of democracy and its involvement of the government of Kazakhstan and law enforcement bodies in these anti-democratic practices.

According to the plan, I was going to start my way to the Congress to be held in Shymken on the 13 of November by going to Tashkent first and then on the 14 of November leave for Shymkent. But, after about 18:00 on the 10 of November an officer Sardor from the Department for fighting terrorism of DIA of Qushrabot district of Samarqand region came to our house and took my personal identification document – passport without any comments. Within two hours after I published this event in my Facebook page, he returned my passport to me. After this, I had to change my plans of going to the Congress. I headed directly to Shymkent early in the morning of the 11 of November and reached my destination at 21:00 on the same day.

After I reached Kazakhstan, officers of law enforcement bodies came to our house and caused worry and pressure against my mother and spouse. But this wasn’t all they did: they tried to put pressure to my sisters, son-in-law and brother-in-law. They tried to cause moral torture and serious threat by telling them that I would never return if I didn’t come back before the 15 of November. They told my mother that if her son wanted to live in peace and quietly, he ought to stop communicating with Bakhodir Khan Turkiston. But none of the officers of law enforcement bodies told my relatives their names, and once asked, none of them showed their personal identification document.

Once back to Tashkent from Shymkent, we the Birdamlik members held the Second Congress online to achieve our intended purpose. Our Congress, which started at 09:00 on the 15 of November and ended on the 16 of November. During this time I was in Tashkent together with my associates. I returned home after the Congress was closed. But nobody came to ask after I returned. I found out from my own inquiries that while I was in Shymkent, the people who had visited our house were representatives were officers of NSS, local community chairman and staff also representatives of local district governor’s office. We hope, the government in power will give official permission for running activities and registration of the Birdamlik People’s Democratic Party in our Uzbekistan and this will justice.

Zafar Khandamov,

Member of the Central Committee

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