My love and thirst to the truth has led me to work in journalism. I started my activities in this field at the “Mulkdor” site of the Birdamlik PDP. The leader and founder of the party Bakhodir Khan Turkiston (Bokhodir Choriyev) had invited me to work for this site when the party was still running its activities as a movement. I readily accepted the invitation. For I dreamed to be a journalist from my childhood. Thus, Bakhodir Khan gave me an opportunity to bring my lifetime dreams to life. I set a purpose to take the opportunity and try myself as a journalist. I tried to write about the problems that are around, those topics that I personally understood myself. They started publishing my articles at Mulkdor site. I prepared my first article in a format of an interview with political prisoner, journalist Dilmurod Sayyid. Then, Mulkdor continued publishing my articles and dozens of audio-video interviews. So, are there any signs of any crime or call for criminal actions in my articles and interviews? Or what kind of signs of any crime are there in activities and actions of other members and activists of Birdamlik PDP? It’s true that most of them may be unable to overcome those artificial obstacles in their lives. When the state, government would not listen to their problems, and when they clearly realise that they cannot cope with the problems alone, they join various movements and parties. For instance, what kind of a threat do the political activities of the leader of the Birdamlik PDP Bakhodir Khan Turkiston pose to the statehood of the Republic of Uzbekistan!? In addition, the leader of the party officially announced that they elected non-violence methods of fighting in their activities!? Or what was hidden behind the opposing and putting obstacles to hold the following Congress of the Birdamlik PDM to be held on 15-16 of November in Shymkent town of the Republic of Kazakhstan? Did our Uzbekistan not announce itself as a democratic state from the first days of gaining independence? Where is the democracy here? Moreover, how can we understand the prohibition to the leader of the Birdamlik PDP, who now lives in the USA due to political reasons, to enter both Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan? How can we comment the forced withdrawal of four of our activists who came to attend the Congress out of Kazakhstan? Can the attacks against me while I was getting preparations for the Congress be justified? Which law envisages officers of DIA to take my brother, who lives in Ishtikhon district of Samarkand region, and bring him to the house in Tashkent, where I live, and violently take my passport away?

Please, tell us, are there are ill-willed actions against the government in activities that the leader of the Party Bakhodir Khan Turkiston has been running for several years? Taking this opportunity, I urge the law enforcement systems, relevant bodies for political analysis of the order of the activities of Bakhodir Khan Turkiston. I think political experts should review the Project and Programs of the Party and discuss them with Bakhodir Khan Turkiston. If the current government can commit to such a goodwill act, it would help raise Uzbekistan’s reputation in the entire world. In addition, they must stop trying to forge criminals from those like me, who are depicting the problems that ordinary people have, and have gathered around the Party to demonstrate their political position!!! For disclosing the problems of ordinary people is not a crime!

Gulzamon Akbar

Member of Central Committee

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