Do we now live in a state, where the government does not trust its people and the people do not trust the government?

To the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Mirziyoev Shavkat Miromonovich

Dear Shavkat Miromonovich, my letter addressed to your name was published at Mulkdor site on the 10th of November 2018. In the letter, I wrote about my official Request to your name from December 2016 on taking citizenship of Uzbekistan being left unanswered respectively, the officers of the National Security Services are totally ignoring my Request; also, some hidden forces are causing serious pressure and threat to me personally. In addition, I described how the officers of the Department of internal affairs of Mirobod district of Tashkent city invaded to my house and tried to confiscate my personal identification document – passport and asked you to protect me, and help eliminate the illegal measures undertaken against me. I especially asked to accelerate the process of granting me Uzbek citizenship.

Unfortunately, for the past two years, all my requests have been unsuccessful. My complaints to your name through social networks are left unanswered exactly in the same way as all my complaint letters to the portal of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The facts these negative factors are affecting not only me, but also all those who are applying for this are being widely spread in social network. And this is causing those victims like me, those citizens and persons without citizenship, whose rights are humiliated, loose their respect, trust and hope in relation with you. All the pressure and threats due to our articles in social networks that describe how our rights are being humiliated, how we are trying to struggle for the ill-done justice are not stopped. The number of those persons, authorities, organisations, who are checking our houses, our documents is growing daily.

Almost every month the authorities go around with their “passport control.” The bitterest part of this is the growing number of those, who are trying to turn me to a criminal and check every step I put.

Today, on the 3rd of January, 2019, the Border officials of the State Border troops of NSS did not allow me to pass the border between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan to go to Turkestan, where I was born and grew up, to see my parents. They were even unable why I wasn’t allowed to go to Kazakhstan. I should stress here that as a person without citizenship I have paid 200 US dollar to get a visa to go to Kazakhstan. Please, think about those like me, who are unreasonably not allowed to work in government institutions in Uzbekistan to earn 200 US dollar to get a visa in conditions of Uzbekistan, where the poverty is aggravating day by day! Why was I not allowed to go to Kazakhstan? Why are the border officials unable to comment on this? I don’t understand anything! Is our Uzbekistan in an extraordinary war state or is Uzbekistan a state, where terrorists, extremists are everywhere? If so, why don’t you warn the entire nation? When will they stop turning people into criminals? Why are those deliberate delays and postponing not yet eliminated? When I went to the Main Department for Migration and Documenting Citizenship on the 28th of December 2018, I had to see the Deputy Head of the office Nodir Ziyoyev for the Head of the Department Mr Shoriqsiyev was not in. Nodir Ziyoyev let me know that my Request to your name for granting me Uzbek citizenship was under checking within the National Security Services of the Republic of Uzbekistan. How much more time will the State Security Service check it?

I got back home depressed from the border. I didn’t even know who to ask for help, who to talk to!!! I then recalled that for the past 20-25 years, I have not received a single positive answer to any letter or personal addressing of official offices in Uzbekistan at all. The letters that I wrote to Islam Karimov’s name for the past few years with my request to grant me with Uzbek citizenship vanished as a vapour. What a state is it that thinks mean to listen to the grief of its citizens and the persons without citizenship, who does not want to listen to their souls, unable to better their lots, without any ability to be helpful to their people?! Is there any other state in the world, which is so indifferent to the fate of their citizens? While Is there another state on the Earth that makes people wait for 20-25 years to resolve one single issue? I was pondering about all this, the doorbell rang. It was Tanzila Abdullaeva, Chairperson of the Local “Yangi Quyliq” Makhalla. Another passport control session! Tanzila’s sad behaviour was telling me clearly that she had no other option than performing this “passport control.” Notwithstanding the fact that the 3rd of January was an official day-off, the poor woman had to go out and rang our bell to “check” the passports of our family. When I asked her when they were going to stop checking me, she was unable to look into my eyes and looking down she was so much ashamed as if the ground was absorbing her to tell me the details of some people having turned our house into a house of prostitution and could quietly tell me that they were checking the passports of people in all apartments. (In fact, I cannot understand the reason why they keep checking our passports). This time, I did not want to give the woman our passports. When she came the previous time, I refused to give her an Explanation letter on what I had been doing and what places I had been visiting. When I told her that I would bring our passports to her office in the next morning Tanzila Abdullaeva told me with despiration: “No, I must submit these documents today!” and by saying that she let me know that her checking this time was not in her own wish or plan. Very soon, it became clear that again it was only my passport this time that the chairperson of makhalla had to “check.”

At about 11:15 PM on the 3rd of January, our doorbell rang again, Instead of talking or seeing the host, the person, who had rang the doorbell, went out to the street while I was opening the door. Although I was in my underclothing, I went out after that person and no matter how loud I and our neighbours shouted that person speeded up his pace and did not turn around and rushed off. After I had dressed, I went straight to the local police office. My purpose was to finds out the personality of those who were my “unexpected guests” at wrong night hours using the records of CCTV cameras, installed in the streets. Unfortunately, the internal affairs officers office was closed. Although it was after midnight by then, I had no other option than going to see the chairperson of local makhalla with a hope to get the address of the local police controller for the chairperson. But the chairperson’s son, who opened the door told me that she was not at home.

Dear Mr President, please tell us who has the right to check passports of citizens? Some people come, check the passports telling us that they are from internal affairs department and people from local Makhalla office come, and perform “control,” and some others in civilian clothing come without telling who they are and check again. What do these checks mean? Why doesn’t the government have sufficient trust to the citizens and persons without citizenship? Does the government mistrust the citizens because the citizens do not trust the government? When shall be come to a time when the number of questions that cannot be answered will reduce?

In the end of my letter, once again I earnestly request you to give me your protection and help me to speed up obtaining a passport of a citizen of Uzbekistan.

Ruziboy Azimy, Tashkent city, Mirobod district.

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