24 December 2019

On 22 December 2019 the Republic of Uzbekistan Oliy Majlis (Parliament) of the Legislative Chamber and the Regional District and the City Councils City Kengashes (councils) People’s Deputies held non-democratic election.

Unfortunately, the Uzbekistan’s opposition parties, including the Birdamlik People’s Democratic Party (PDP) were also not allowed to participate in this election. This was particularly devastating as the Birdamlik PDP had prepared to participate by establishing a congregational team from its members in early 2018.

In addition, The Uzbekistani law Enforcement Agencies intervened in the non-participation of the Opposition Parties participation into the election by denying the Birdamlik PDP from having a Congress in Uzbekistan. The Birdamlik PDP was determined to find some means of participating in this election, so they made alternative plans to hold their Congress in the City of Shymkent, the neighboring Republic of Kazakhstan,

The Birdamlik PDP was once again disappointed when they were denied holding any Congressional events in Kazakhstan. They would later learn, on 14 November 2018, that there was corporative effort between the Uzbekistan and the Kazakhstan’s Law Enforcement Agencies to deny any congressional formation from the opposition parties and to deport any and all Leaders of the Opposition. This deportation of the major leaders of the Birdamlik PDP from both these Republics, left the PDP to conduct” online election” instead.

On 22 December 2019 when the election was held in Uzbekistan the Birdamlik PDP was barred for participating, for the aforementioned reasons.

It’s important to note that the Republic of Uzbekistan’s Electoral Code (laws) clearly states”

An Election is considered valid if 33% of citizens on the voters’ list participate in the voting” Unfortunately, that was not the case. In an attempt to validate this election on the behalf of the Regime, the Central Election Commission, chosen by Dictator President Mirziyoyev, falsely stated that 71% of the citizen on the voters; list voted, when in fact less than 30% did vote in this election. International Observers, and other qualified organization such as the OSCE would later show that the election’s results were illegal.

In addition, some of the illegalities were confirmed by the opposition “compatriots, general public, and the public councils. They emphasize and confirmed the facts that “the election was held under strict control of the authorities” Furthermore, the were evidence of

  1. “pre-appointment of a large number of the regime candidates in the electoral system
  1. Some law enforcement officials, including the local authorities, legislatures and the central election commission, strongly opposed the acknowledging the winning candidates who were nominated. Such candidates were excluded from the election by the election commission.

Opposition, Independent, and qualified international groups would later declare the election undemocratic and systematically a fraud. They argued that without free-participation of Uzbekistanis’ opposition, independent and other legal citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan such elections can never be recognized and accepted as being fair and just, in the eyes of the International Democratic World.

         It’s the belief of all the opposition party members that in order to establish a workable democratic electoral system in the Republic of Uzbekistan certain steps must definitely be implemented:

  1. First, cancel the election of 22 December 2019
  2. Promote democratic communication system with the present Dictatorship regime in order to break down the controlling by pro government party system that rules the regime with “Iron-Fist”
  3. Allow uncontrolled oppositions and voting in all election
  4. If the above mandatory changes fail to be endorsed and implemented immediately, the system of dictatorship in the Republic of Uzbekistan will continue, at least another 5 years. This continued system would forever manifest itself as a mean of personal enrichment for groups of officials led by the President Mirziyoyev.

The Birdmlik PDP and other opposition group urge the most democratic countries that support, or do not support, Karimov Mirziyoyev’s regime to enter into creative dialogue with him and his administration to legally register the opposition parties, (all). We sincerely ask that you convince this regime of the importance and benefit that can be derived from having democracy in Uzbekistan; people having the right to speak freely without governmental restrictions, freedom to make daily choices without law enforcement continuous monitoring, but most importantly having people enjoying a Republic that is well respect and recognized, worldwide for its freedom

WHEREAS, we the members of the Birdamlik PDP reaching out to the free democratic world seeking assistance in gaining the freedom we as Uzbekistanis so richly deserve. No one such be denied the freedom of being a human nor should we be enslaved by any other man, dictator or otherwise.

Council Board Party of Birdamlik People’s Democratic Party

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