“The Assistance Centre” has been to a working trip

Shovruq aka xonadonida

On July 20-21 2016, the chairman of the working group of  “The Assistance Centre” Diloram Iskhakova and its Press Secretary Ruziboy Azimiy have been to a working trip toQashqadarya and Samarqand oblasts. The purpose of the visit was inquiring the situation of the opposition representatives, see them, meet with them and hear their views about our activities.

The initial destination of the group members was the house of Shovruh Ruzimurodov, an outstanding member of Uzbek opposition, patriot of the nation, former parliament member, who was killed by the government executioners-investigators in a prison of our country, who had lived in Alabang’s village of Yakkabag district of Qashqadarya region and saw Shovruh aka’s widow Ruzihol aya Ruzimurodova and their children. We were astonished by the proud looks of her to life, her optimism and humbleness of a lady, who nevertheless suffered a lot in her life. Taking the opportunity, we invited Nurbek Ruzimurodov, 29, the second son of Shovruh aka to our conversation.
— Probably, because I was a young boy when my father left us, I did not realise a lot of things those days. I am now gradually realising in its completeness what a father’s presence means to his child, in addition, the brevity of my dad, his self-sacrifice, thirst for justice, and fight for the benefit of our people. In the old days, there were people who showed to me and my brother and sisters, saying that we were children of an “enemy of the nation” thus humiliating us and who tried to distance us as the children of an “enemy of the nation”.

This, of course, did not ignore our mother. Because we were young, we did not take all this seriously to our heart and used to forget it quickly, but our mother suffered all this internally and lived by weeping by hiding from us. Thanks, God, the situation has changed today. Those, who intended to show our father a bad person of the enemy of the nation did not implement their plans entirely. Those, who had humiliated us in the old days, know for sure now who our father had been, and why he had been killed by the government criminal executioners. Time has brought everything to clear light.

Nowadays, it gives me great pleasure to hear not only from our follower village but also from those who closely knew my dad, to remember his name with respect and honour. My soul flies high in the clouds when people recall with pleasure that my father was a patriot, fighter for justice, truth seeker, who could give a timely reaction to dirty doings of the government, who sacrificed his life for the benefit of independence of our country. I feel pride every time I hear good words about my father. But, our family are not happy with the fact that we did not get enough of our father’s love and he had been a victim of injustice. I always ponder about the poet’s words: “A man can get enough of everything – wealth, position, respect and, save God of life, nobody can get enough of human love. We, our father’s children did not get enough of our father’s love and kindness.
Recollections of Yodgor Obid, a known opposition member, who now lives abroad as a political immigrant, and who was a close friend of Shovruh Ruzimurodov. …It appears hard to talk, or write recollection about a person, who was close to my heart…
Moreover, I have always been poor with dates and figures. If you ask me when and where something has happened I cannot remember it and cannot answer you. Shovruh Ruzimurod – he was one my friend very close to my soul… With his extreme sincerity, openness and brevity, he conquered the respect of many people, deserved respect for his truth seeker’s position, and became a leader of opposition forces…
… In addition, he was a special person for his humbleness. I remember, at a parliament meeting, some people proposed Islam Karimov’s candidacy, He immediately shouted the following: “Do not trust this person!!!! I know him very well and if required, I will disclose all his doings and prove it!!! These words were discussed by everybody and had a lot of consequences. I am aware that my friend Jahongir Muhammad wrote about this in his articles and memoirs.
At one of our conversation< I asked him:
“Why did you note name yourself on that day” He laughed a bit first. And only remarked: “Oh, brother, this is a big job. Could cope with it?” – and that was all. I did not get satisfaction: “You see him now! What is he doing with his little head and whether any scientific knowledge he has or not. He has already ruined the economy… say nothing everything else. Organisation work is now done via violence.” Hearing my words, he just mentioned:
“It looks there is the sense in what you say now. If not myself, I could have opened a way to somebody else, a better person”.
…Those days were the time when we had regular zinc coffins arriving from the army. A lot of newspapers and journals were telling about all this within their capabilities. Following four coffins caused some stir among people. One of the coffins was a young man from Margelan. We went out to a picket in front of the government building. Shovruh Ruzimurod sat down beside me on the concrete stairs. We nodded not to attract other people’s attention. I asked him: “Shovruh, you a parliament member. You can be spotted easily”, and he said: “Oh, brother, I do not bother at all. They have seen me a lot. Let them see me again. Let’s talk to them”…

He never missed any meeting, held in the interests of people. For several times, he organised such meetings himself and made eloquent speeches. He never talked much, but was able to choose the right words…
We left Shovruh aka’s house and went to the Qarshi town. Then from Qarshi, we went to see Norboy Kholjigitov, who lives in Ishtihon district of Samarqand oblast, and who used to be chairman of Uzbekistan Human rights Society, and who had been unjustly sentenced to 10 years in jail for his political activity and served 6,5 years of it and came out to freedom.

In addition, we met with other activists of Ishtihon and Jomboy districts. By seriously criticising modern political situation, Nobody aka indicated the necessity to give more information and write articles about such destiny in mass media and the Internet. He himself promised to help us with articles with proven information about shortfalls.
The opposition members and their family members did not conceal their satisfaction with our visit and inquiring about their situation. We promised them to try to hold such meetings more often in future and parted with our activists.

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