When will surkhandarya feel any whisper of justice at all?


It is now nearing 7 years since the governor’s administration of Muzrobod district of Surkhandarya region illegally, totally against the adopted legal documentation confiscated our farmer’s entity “Zebo Sitora”, which I, Dilorom Zaynieva managed. For these past years, I addressed all the institutions and offices asking for justice. But no person could be found either in the district or in the region to hear my appeal. For it was the governor’s office who arranged the attack and swindling, racketeering and illegal threats to our Zebo Sitora farmer’s entity, but who, in fact, must be protecting the farmers, and if required, help them. Until now the Surkhandarya region administration always turned their blind eyes to the misdeeds of the district governor’s administration and continue doing so. Here the fact that whatever the region administration say and do, they do it conjointly with the responsible authorities of the district administration, and that “devil is good to his own” is a serious reason that victims like us are suffering and unable to achieve justice.

After I failed to resolve this issue at the region and even the central government levels, I had to address the Birdamlik People’s Democratic Movement, which is now the Birdamlik People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan. The Birdamlik people took my information and arranged a meeting on the issues related with the farmer’s entity that is related with me and published the information at Mulkdor site of the party.

The Birdamlik PDM arranged their Congress for 15-16 of November 2018 to be held in Shymkent town of the Republic of Kazakhstan. On the 13th of November, as a member of the Movement, in order to participate at the Congress and meet the leader of the party Bakhodir Khan Turkiston I headed for Tashkent. Having been informed of my actions, the district governor’s responsible authorities and officers of the department of internal affairs called me on my mobile phone and told me not to go to Shymkent, not to participate at the Congress and if I did so, they would return me my farmer’s entity to me in its entirety and returned me home from the Qashqadarya checkpoint. However, still and as always, the district governor and those authorities, who are responsible for my case, have not kept their promise and even none of them wants to speak to me. Now I am getting more convinced that by telling me lies and fraudster, the law enforcement bodies and governor’s office representatives managed to persuade me not to go to Shymkent. Now I do not actually know how to fight the injustices. I would not make a mistake if I say that the governor of the Surkhandarya region and the governor of the Muzrobod district do not have anything similar to justice and conscious. By causing hatred in people like me they are acting absolutely against the instructions of the President of the country. The sad thing is that nowadays it seems that it is useless to speak about justice at all. We can say that there is absolutely no entity or organisation in our region who would listen to the grievances of citizens. Personally I am longing for the breeze of justice in Surkhandarya region. Shall we see the times when justice will be restored?

Dilorom Zaynieva,

Member of Bridamlik PDP, Anorzor mahalla, Muzrobod district, Surkhandarya region

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