Kyrgyzstan can turn into a developed nation

Dear Mr. Ambassador Kadyr M. Toktogulov!


I have been to Kyrgyzstan on a business trip on November 5-18 last year. That was my first visit to the country. During my trip to Kyrgyzstan I had a chance to observe economic, social, political and other sectors of life in Kyrgyzstan.


I was delighted to see hospitality, open heartedness, diligence, openness to new knowledge and innovations at Kyrgyz people. I was happy to see that those political reforms and political stability which doesn’t unfortunately exist in my home country Uzbekistan already was existing in Kyrgyzstan. At the same time I noticed that having achieved political reforms Kyrgyzstan was now cabaple of and ready to implement true reforms in other sectors of life but was lagging behind. I have been thinking about factors and reasons which were holding back economic reforms in Kyrgyzstan.


Among the few things which caught my attention were low level of manufacturing in Kyrgyzstan, very high level of import of the necessary goods and services from outside, and low quality of the few limited goods which are produced in Kyrgyzstan.


I have come to the conclusion that there were all necessary conditions for true economic reforms in Kyrgyzstan but they need a catalyst, a good push forward at this point and the role of such catalyst can only be played by an independent state agency.


Such state agency would be accountable only to the Parliament and its budget will be approved by the Parliament.


The suggested Agency will work on the following two major areas:


1.      Combatting corruption based on a new, effective plan which I developed and which will decrease corruption levels significantly;

2.      Creating necessary and trustworthy conditions in the country to attract and bring foreign direct and international investors.


Here on this link for more information about my ideas I am sharing with you our Birdamlik Political Democratic Party’s Program on a new strategy of development for Uzbekistan:   



Dear Ambassador Kadyr M. Toktogulov!


After my return to the United States from Kyrgyzstan I have started a huge project on developments in Kyrgyzstan. Unfortunately, I had to stop all of the activities which I have started with my team because I started losing my trust in the officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kyrgyzstan. I will explain more here.


On November 16th 2018 I lost my i-Phone XS model mobile phone during my latest business trip to Bishkek. I filed an appeal about my lost phone in Pervomayskiyi district Department of Internal Affairs in Bishkek on November 17th 2018. An officer by name Sygak who accepted my filing talked with me and received my written testimony about the lost phone as well. He refused to give me any written confirmation that my filing was accepted and instead suggested we stay in touch via What’s app messenger. After my return to the United States he has stayed in touch with me for a few days. According to the last information he provided to me my complaint was transferred to an investigator. After that last communication with him he deleted my contact from his What’s app contact list and stopped communicating with me all in all. Such attitude discouraged me from continuing to work on the project I’ve begun for Kyrgyzstan.


Dear Ambassador Kadyr M. Toktogulov, I would like to ask for your help in finding my iPhone XS mobile phone which I lost in Bishkek


Thank you in advance.


Kind regards,


Bakhodir Khan Turkiston

Missouri, U.S.A



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