Obama’s government do not let Uzbek opposition democracy

Most of the opposition in Uzbekistan, including Bahodir Choriev, leader of the People’s Democratic Movement, left Uzbekistan because of the authoritarian regime in Uzbekistan. They are trying to fight for the rights of the Uzbek people abroad.

In the US, the Uzbek opposition is also not allowed to develop activities. Despite all the democratic promises of the US government, it does not act democratically. Subsequently, it interferes with the People’s Democratic Movement Birdamlik operate.

Barack Obama, the current US officials also are the corruption of politicians. They are also in cahoots with Karimov and therefore interfere with the activities of the opposition movement led by Bahodir Choriyev.

During the last years, the head of the People’s Democratic Movement has lost two businesses, which helped him to finance opposition activities and help people from Uzbekistan.

Donald Tramp- is the future for opposition activities in Uzbekistan. Trump also said that Hillary Clinton is a corrupted woman as the present government of America.

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