Once I heard news about the Birdamlik People’s Democratic Movement were going to hold their Second Congress, and the Congress would address the issues of reorganising the Movement to a Party and the new Project of the Party, approving its Charter and Programme, I was pleased very much together with my associates. At the same time, the concern whether the government of Uzbekistan would allow holding this Congress appeared in my mind. Nevertheless, I looked forward to the date the Congress was to be held. For holding the Congress not only would popularise the activities of Birdamlik among the society, hearing the report of the Movement, but also would demonstrate the attitude of the government of Uzbekistan to its opposition, and how committed the new President of our Uzbekistan is to democratise the country.

Two days before the Congress, on the 13 of November 2018, I and my daughter Kamola Sunnatova left Navoiy town. We agreed with taxi driver, Lacetti sedan – number plates BA 797, to take us directly to the Kazakhstan border. We paid 260 000 Soums to the driver. As we approached the Chernyaevka border checkpoint, the Road police officers stopped our car. 3-4 people in civilian clothing were together with them, who also checked our documents. These inspectors expressed serious objections to my ID document, which had been issued to me in substitution of my passport, which had come to unsuitable condition. They qualified this ID document as unfit for crossing the border to visit a foreign country. As for my daughter’s passport, they found it problematic for it had some lines drawn in pencil. Although, before these inspectors checked it, her passport had no pencil lines at all. Such lines appeared during this inspection.

Thus, we were sent back to be under control. I felt bad after the nervousness on the way, and was hospitalised and received treatment for several days.

I think, these events and cases that happened due to and within PDM Birdamlik, which was reorganised to a party, have ruined the political reputation of the government of Uzbekistan. For such a risky attitude to opposition has never brought any positive reputation to any state.

Dildora Bourmurodova

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