Donald Trump supports Uzbek people

August 4, Donald Trump for the first time mentioned in the speech абоут Uzbeks. In his speech in Portland, candidate for President of the United States referred to the Uzbek people.

He pointed to the problems that exist in this country, which is related to forced labor, persecution of the opposition and has included Uzbekistan in the number of terrorist countries.

This does not mean that it will be more difficult to get into the United US for people from Uzbekistan. If Trump wins the presidential elections, to strengthen control over the undemocratic and inhumane methods of power in Uzbekistan.

Bokhodir Choriyev, leader of the People’s Democratic Movement Birdamlik hopes to win Donald Trump in the elections in the United States.

It will definitely open a new page in the Uzbek opposition activities. People’s Democratic Movement Birdamlik will be given more opportunities and chances to win over Uzbekistan’s authoritarian regime. And it will be easy to fight with an authorized regime in Uzbekistan.


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