CHARTER OF BIRDAMLIK PEOPLE’S DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF UBZEKISTAN FOR DEMOCRACY, FREE AND PROSPEROUS UZBEKISTAN BASED ON HUMAN RIGHTS! GENERAL PROVISIONS 1.1. Birdamlik People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan  (abbreviated name BPDPU) is an association of citizens of our country, of all the citizens of our country who have to live in very difficult conditions, who are forced […]

Mirziyayev is a continuer of Karimov’s policy


Interview with Bakhodir Khan Turkiston, a well-known Uzbek politician, Leader of the “Birdamlik” People’s Democratic Movement in Opposition. – Bakhodir Khan, it is now 6 months that our country is under ruling of a new president. It looks as if the President, who has been busy appointing the authorities to relevant positions by now, has […]

Where is Karimov’s daughter Gulnara Karimova?


After the death of the previous president Islam Karimov, the question immediately arises, who will be the next president of Uzbekistan. Some sources write that one of the possible candidates is Gulnara Karimova, the eldest daughter of the late president.

Political Islam May be Disastrous to USA


We are all aware of the forthcoming US presidential elections in November. On August 4 2016, I officially announced that I support the Republican Party candidate Donald Trump. Under the flag of “Birdamlik” People’s Democratic Movement of Uzbekistan we demonstrated our announcement by installing banners on trucks that we drove from Saint Louis to Washington […]

Obama’s government do not let Uzbek opposition democracy


Most of the opposition in Uzbekistan, including Bakhodir Choriyev, leader of the People’s Democratic Movement, left Uzbekistan because of the authoritarian regime in Uzbekistan. They are trying to fight for the rights of the Uzbek people abroad.

 In the US, the Uzbek opposition is also not allowed to develop activities. Despite all the democratic promises […]

Smell of paradise


The day of the 12th of November 2015 was an unforgettable day. It was the day, we had waited for 21 years, when Murod Juraev was freed. I heard his getting out of jail 2 days for that, but I spent those subsequent two days in great doubts. I could not to go to Chirchik […]



DETAILED REPORT Friday, 31 July 2015 Nobody even remembers the last election campaign. Islam Karimov turned out to be an acceptable candidate for all: neighbouring countries, and ideologically close regimes and intergovernmental institutions and therefore the elections they accepted the elections as legal and equitable. However, whatever the interested persons and powers may declare, in […]

The Uzbekistan Elections


by D.A. Baxter on May 7, 2015 • 6: 55 UTC No Comments On March 29, presidential elections were held in Uzbekistan. As expected, the current president, Islam Karimov, was reelected. The 77-year old has been in power for over a quarter of a century, and just began his fourth consecutive term, despite the fact […]

Bokhodir Choriyev’s address to the voters


  Esteemed compatriots! Dear friends! Let me wish you all the best for the spring holiday of Navruz! Spring and Renewal is what our people have been waiting for several long decades. Uzbekistan has been subjected to the occupation by dictator Karimov and his cronies for 25 years. This quarter-century reign has driven the country […]